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What were we doing before this?

Our first podcast together was called "Pop Parenting" and you can find all 40 episodes on any podcast platform. We decided over some very strong coffee to create a podcast that is basically the stuff we talk about anyways, 80s movies, therapy, family dynamics and good soundtracks, and it evolved into a weekly romp through some of our favourite movies of all time (and some we hated) as a way to really dig into parenting and families.

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08 févr. 2023

Hey I love your Pop Parenting podcast and had being trying to work out where you went and just stumbled on this new one so super stoked! I’m an Aussie pastor studying Bowen theory. Recently had to present some of my family of origin research and was struck by Tracey Chapman’s fast cars and the way you see patterns of emotional cutoff repeating in that family. In the song the cutoff seems unsurprising because of the alcoholism and the divorce - but the cutoff in my own family of origin was harder to make sense of because we we’re always really close and loving and seemed pretty functional. The key for me has been to see that the cutoff we…

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